Enjoying all a Kilimanjaro Climb has to offer

To be able to enjoy all that Kilimanjaro has to offer you need to experience it for yourself. Being able to climb Kilimanjaro can be an event of a lifetime. AMGA Mountain GuidesYou can be an exciting time in something you always remember to be something very exciting for you to have a part of your life. When it comes to the climb there are definitely things that you need to know and be prepared for when it comes to taking on such an adventure like this. It can be great to experience an event like this but yes it is important that you know what you getting into and know what to expect when you get there. Going to an adventure like this can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people to embark on.

By being able to have everything they need the preparation and a guide to help them on the way will help them have the best time at this event. When it comes to being able to enjoy all the Kilimanjaro has to offer you have to experience it for yourself. There are many great wonderful things along the mountainsides that you just cannot get from the pictures. When it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro going there was somebody who is experiencing being able to give all that has to offer will allow you to enjoy your experience the best. A mountain guy can help you get that full experience. When it comes to mountain guides you want to have one that is an AMGA guide so that you can know they are certified in being able to take you on your experience journey of a lifetime. Having the ability to ghost with somebody that has had the experience like these that are certified can help you be able to be safe and enjoy your time while climbing the mountain. When you choose to go with Alpenglow expeditions this is the type of experience you can get with these certified guides. I being able to have all the right preparation in the guide to take you on your journey will be prepared to make it the time of your life. It’ll be an experiential climb you’ll never forget it. You’ll tell everybody you know because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach the summit.

By being able to reach the summit you’ll be able to have this unique experience I’ll tear on. Being able to do so is quite an accomplishment for many people being able to reach the top of Kilimanjaro is something that not many people can say that done. Annually around 5000 people take on this journey and only two thirds of them succeed. Considering the billions of the population at the nearest it is really a small amount that has made the journey and made it a successful one at that. If you’re going to attempt the mountain be sure to have the right climbing guides with you. Sure that you have safe travels and get the full scenery and best way to get there as well. You’ll be come an experienced mountaineer after you take this trip of a lifetime.

What it takes to climb Kilimanjora

Being able to climb Kilimanjaro does take the ability and expertise of a professional many times from people to have a successful claim. Trying to take on some these tasks or yourself can be tough for even experienced climbers. They really take a guy to nose to rain and know how to route around and keep you safe protected to be able to climb the mountain safely. When you go with an AMGA mountain guide you will be able to know that you’re choosing to go with professional certified experts and being able to make the mountain climb with you.

Being able to climb Kilimanjaro can be an experience of a lifetime one that many people do not want to pass up. AMGA Mountain GuidesWhen it comes to all the things that we can do here on earth during our time here there are many selective things that can really be great compliments for people to complete during the life. Climbing Kilimanjaro can be one of the best experiences that many people can have and can be true accomplishment of that you can be proud of. Knowing that you’ll be able to have the success of being of the climbed the mountain may depend on having the right kind of climbing died. Being able to have the right guide will be able to put you on the right path to ensure that you were going to have a successful claim. Trying to do some of these things in your own can be costly and deadly. Should you go on a climbing expedition that you have the right professionals with you to ensure that you’re going to have the best time. Still be a will to guide you through the whole process step by step and make sure that you are going to be safe during your client.

Knowing that only one third of the people that attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro succeed can be very important for you to know and to face faxes going into your climb. Being able to have the right expedition will take you on a path of lead you safely up the mountain into the top peak. Being able to do so will be the happiest moment but risking it without having the proper personnel with you will attend to review any disaster. Many of these types of climbs have risks associated with him and being able to wager risks about how you were going to succeed with the claim will help you to know that you will be a will to succeed to begin with when you have an expert died was going to help you on your path. Climbing guides are well worth making the right decision to do at along when you’re going on your climb. And not just anybody can be a climbing guide one that is AMGA guides certified may be the difference between how well the success of your guide is.  Don’t let the once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by and regret it for the rest of your life.

A team is only as strong as the climbing guides

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The mighty mountain known as Kilimanjaro Soares 19,000 feet above the Serengeti planes of Kenya. Is not part of a mountain range and therefore its prominence and starkness set against the flat topography of the land can be quite dramatic. At the base of the mountain you’ll find palm trees and tropical flora of all sorts. It is surprising then that when you reach the summit it looks as if you are in the Colorado Rockies or the Andes Mountains. A large, flat top and snow-covered peak is what awaits climbers new the summit. Whereas at the base of the mountain you may be in short sleeve shirts and shorts, the final ascension towards the summit requires cold weather clothes, crampons and pickaxes. It is just one of the things that makes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro such a difficult challenge but one that has given many mountaineers the reward of a lifetime. For generations the only people privileged enough to attempt a summit hike on this great mountain were those in the upper class. Because it is required that you hire guides and have an established route of the mountain before you start your scent the only people who could afford to climb this great mountain were usually quite wealthy. Plus, when you factor in how remote location it is there are not many people who were able to take off that much time from work or from their everyday lives. Thankfully, these days there are many climbing expedition companies that will travel to this exotic land for the sole purpose of getting their crew up to the summit. There is more accessibility and better equipment these days than ever before so if you have a dream of doing a Mount Kilimanjaro climb there’s no better time to make that dream a reality.

For those of you seriously considering this climb you should do your homework on which climbing expedition company you will work with. One thing you’ll want to look for is a certain certification from your climbing guide. This certification is known as AMGA and for the safety and safekeeping of you and your crew it is recommended that you’re climbing and mountain guides be AMGA certified. Difference between an AMGA mountain guide and a standard mountaineer can be dramatically different and could potentially save your life on a mountain like Kilimanjaro. So, what is the difference? Essentially the difference boils down to a few years of extra training to hold their skills. They are absolute experts are doing with equipment and knowing how to get out of a jam. They have been trained in all weather conditions using pickaxes and being able to make shelters if necessary.
Another thing you should look for when selecting a climbing expedition is the size of your group that you’ll be climbing in. As you may be able to imagine, a larger group size results in less feedback coming directly at you. It’s important to know that what you’re doing is not only safe but the correct way to handle the mountain. One moment of distraction could lead to the death or injury of you or several of your group members. Because the size of the group is of vital importance you want to inquire about this before you sign on with any climbing expedition.

Every Year Both First-Time and Experienced Mountaineers Set Out on a Kilimanjaro Climbing Expedition, to the Summit.

Kilimanjaro climbingIf you are considering climbing one of the world’s famous mountains, but you are a little apprehensive because you have never climbed a mountain before, you should probably choose one of the more beginner-friendly peaks.  That being said, climbing any large mountain is going to extremely exhausting, perhaps more exhausting than anything you have ever done before.  Still, it will be an experience you will never forget, and the sense of accomplishment from having reached the top is unmatched.  One of the most suitable mountains for beginners is Kilimanjaro, and it is certainly not lacking in awesome scenery and wildlife.  Kilimanjaro is a remarkable place, in many ways, and there is no place like it, anywhere else on Earth.  Every year, both first-time and experienced mountaineers set out on a Kilimanjaro climbing expedition, to the summit.

Being able to trek to the top of Kilimanjaro is a wonderful opportunity to have an amazing experience that will stick with you, for the rest of your life.  It is a challenging trek, but it does not require any of the dangerous rock climbing that most mountains of that size require.  Basically, you hike all the way to the summit.  This means that, essentially, anyone with the stamina to endure grueling hiking, for several days straight, can climb Kilimanjaro. Obviously, if you have certain health conditions, there is simply no way you can do this, and you should not try, as it could be dangerous.  To know, for certain, whether or not you have a health condition that would make it unlikely that you would reach the summit, safely, you need to consult with your physician, before you make the arrangements.

Kilimanjaro is a well-traveled mountain that countless people visit each year.  Because of that, some of the routes up the mountain are very well-traveled, and thus, very busy.  Of course, when undergoing something like the climbing of a mountain, it is best to do it when there is not a crowd.  For that reason, some guide services choose to take their guests on routes that are less traveled, so there is less of a chance of running into another expedition.  Not only that, some of the most scenic and marvelous routes are not the shortest ones.  You should be wary of any guide service that takes the shortest route and puts an emphasis on reaching the summit, as quickly as possible.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to climb Kilimanjaro, and you should not try to get it over with, as quickly as possible.  Plus, if you rush and take the shortest route, you may not see as many wonderful things as you would if you had taken a longer, more scenic one.  There are a lot of Kilimanjaro guides to choose from, as it is a popular tourist destination.  That being said, they are not all equally qualified, and it is best to find guides that have been certified by the AMGA or the IFMGA, as they are the established authorities.

Alpenglow Expeditions is By Far the Best American Guide Service, If You are Trying to Climb Kilimanjaro.

climb KilimanjaroIn recent years, mountain climbing has become an increasingly popular activity, for those who want to get a little bit of adventure out of their travels.  There are many different ways to get involved in mountain climbing, with many different levels of intensity.  While there is no specific skill you need to climb a mountain, you do need to be healthy enough for that type of physical activity, as it can get pretty strenuous.  Not only that, you also need to have a good guide service to take you to the summit, if you are dealing with a major peak.  Kilimanjaro is one of the most iconic mountains in the entire world, and mountaineers from all corners of the globe travel to Tanzania, for the sole purpose of scaling it.  Even if you do fancy yourself a skilled amateur mountaineer, you still need a guide service to help you reach the summit.  Alpenglow Expeditions is by far the best American guide service, if you are trying to climb Kilimanjaro.

The guide service you pick to help you reach the summit of Kilimanjaro is going to have a major effect on the experience you have, while climbing the mountain.  Just as there are many other businesses that overcharge tourists for inferior service, there are guide services that simply take you to the summit as quickly as possible.  This is not, at all, the mindset at Alpenglow Expeditions, where they try to make each trek up the mountain a unique experience, for each climber.  In fact, the route Alpenglow’s Kilimanjaro guides take is a bit longer than some of the other routes, but it is also very beautiful.  Not only that, it is less crowded, so you can feel more enveloped, in a world of natural beauty.  After all, climbing the tallest mountain in Africa should be a wonderful experience, in which you truly get to observe and soak up the natural wonders.  With some guide services, the whole trip is just a race to the top.  With Alpenglow Expeditions, though, you are accompanied by various different specialists, to enrich the experience.  You will even be accompanied by a knowledgeable naturalist, who will be able to inform you about the local flora and fauna.  Not only that, the guides who will actually be leading your expedition are some of the most qualified mountain climbers.

There are a few things that set the guides at Alpenglow apart from other guides that you would encounter at other guide services.  Firstly, Alpenglow is the only American company that makes sure that each expedition leader is both AMGA and IFMGA certified.  This, of course, means that they are among the most qualified mountain climbers in the world.  Of course, this is not just to keep you safe, although that is of the utmost importance.  They can also provide you with valuable training, which you can apply if you ever go mountain climbing in the future.  Once you experienced the best Kilimanjaro climbing, you will want to keep climbing.

How to Prepare for a Climbing Expedition

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While many people take physical training for granted, it is easy to see the benefits of physically training for anything once you’ve actually been in that place.  For example, what do you think when you’re watching the football game every Sunday?  Some might think that the athletes aren’t even exerting that much energy, as they only have to make a few short plays that don’t last any longer than ten seconds.  Some might think that the quarterback doesn’t have any special skills, and that throwing a football is no big deal.  But once someone actually experiences that position and they actually see what it is like, their entire perspective changes.  They soon find out that it takes an intense amount of physical training to become just adequate at the profession.  The exact same can be said for getting ready for a climbing expedition, as the process of climbing a mountain seems simple on paper (just go up the mountain and stay warm!), it is actually a very complicated and rigorous process.

If you’re thinking about making a Kilimanjaro climb or anywhere in the Alpines, it is extremely important that you focus on training your body for the adventure.  A very important question to ask yourself is the matter of timing.  For example, when do you have the most time to start working out and exercising?  We all understand that not all of us can become professional mountain climbers, and that we have other parts of life that command our attention first and foremost, like our families and professions.  With these priorities in mind, how can you squeeze in some extra time to get fit?  Can you walk or bike to work?  Do your work facilities have a gym you can utilize?  Ask yourself how you can integrate an extra amount of exercise that will push you to the limit, and then take that plan into action.

Second, you need to think about what kind of training your body will need.  Are you used to walking on an incline?  This rarely happens if you live anywhere in Mid-America, as there aren’t many places that offer you any vertical challenges.  If this is the case, or if you simply live too far from any mountain trail, make it a point to try out a treadmill that can be adjusted to an incline.  This is going to be one of the best ways to simulate the long trek up a mountain, and will get your body prepared for such an event.

Don’t forget, all of these tips, and more, can be found if you simply ask your resident climbing guide, so don’t feel shy about asking how you can improve your physical ability for the upcoming trek.  You’ll definitely want to think about weight training, as you don’t want to go up a mountain empty handed.  Looking for an adequate backpack is also a vital part of the trip, but what good is the pack if you’re unable to carry it?  With all of this information in mind, good luck on your upcoming adventure, and happy training!

Alpen Glow organizes incredible climbing expeditions

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Think about the last vacation you took. Did you go exploring? Did you have an adventure? Do you have a unique story to tell the people are dying to hear? Or, did you do what you usually do on vacation and go to a theme park or all inclusive resort? Life is all about the story we have to tell and in my opinion the best stories come when you step outside your comfort zone. Going on an adventure like a mountain climbing expedition can be challenging but the rewards and the experiences you will keep in your hearts and minds forever are priceless. You might be wondering “where do I start?” Or thinking to yourself “I don’t know the first thing about mountaineering, how could I possibly summit something like

The journey of climbing this great mountain goes far beyond your time on the trail. You will be going to an exotic land and traveling by plane, bus, taxi and even on foot to reach base camp. Once there you will meet up with your climbing guides who are experts not only at mountaineering but in the local culture as well. They will help provide and prepare meals for you and to train you in the basics of mountaineering before you go. You’ll be working as a team and so communication is vital to your team’s success. If along the way you have any questions or don’t understand anything be sure to speak up and let your team leader no. The group sizes at alpenglow expeditions are deliberately kept small so every member has a voice and every problem can be solved quickly and easily. You should be prepared for a two day climb that takes you from subtropical climates at the base to frigid temperatures at the summit. You will carry a large pack on your back that will be filled with the layers of clothes necessary to complete the climb. Also in your backpack might be climbing gear such as hiking poles, crampons and even pick axes. Put your trust in these AMGA mountain guides and they will ensure that you have a fantastic time. The odds are good that you will reach the summit but keep in mind that at alpenglow expeditions the point of these excursions is to emphasize safety and education. You will love your hike so much it will guaranteed not be your last so soak up as much information and wisdom from your Mountain guides as possible while you are there.

Because alpenglow expeditions was founded nearly 10 years ago by a veteran who wanted to change the way these tours were handled, everything you will experience is unique and different from other tour companies. You’ll be submerged in local flavor and local customs from the time you arrived to the time you leave. This Kilimanjaro climb is bound to test your mental and physical toughness but with the help of these amazing guides and the rest of your team you will be able to reach the summit and take a picture of a lifetime.

There Are At Least Several Reasons To Climb Kilimanjaro

There are a lot of places on this earth that we all should see and experience at some point of our lives and today there is a place that’s particularly special to me that I’d like to talk about. Imagine taking an African safari and in the distance, there it is standing tall, stoic and unmatched in the land. It seems to rise from nowhere, the mist surrounding it at an elevation that is miles from the safari climate you experience at sea level. Mount Kilimanjaro reaches almost 20,000 feet into the sky and for miles and miles, has no counter part, not in Africa at least. It’s the largest mountain on the continent and is made up of three distinct volcanic peaks. One of them is considered dormant, Kibo, erupted about 150,000 to 200,000 years ago and could actually erupt again. It’s not active but the molten rock deep beneath it’s surface has not been extinguished and at some point, even if it’s hundreds of thousands of years from now, it will erupt again. Many people who enjoy going on climbing expeditions have Mount Kilimanjaro on their lists for several different reasons and I’m going to talk to you about those now.

1. At 19, 341 feet above sea level, Mt. Kilimanjaro is a massive mountain. It by anyone’s standards, is a respectable climb and one that you wouldn’t want to skip for any reason. To a layman, the idea of hiking some mountains on this planet aren’t even a realistic possibility because they’re either too technically demanding and/or require one to be in peak physical condition. It’s normally a combination of the two, even when you’re talking about the tallest mountain in the US, Mt Mckinley, that stands at barely over 20,000 feet. Unless you’re a technical climber, Mt Mckinley is a mountain that you wouldn’t be able to conquer without a lot of experience and some expertly trained mountain guidesmountain guides on your side to oversee your safety. Kilimanjaro on the other hand, is a very doable mountain for someone as long as they’re in good shape and can handle the changes in altitude.

2. Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain on the entire continent. If that doesn’t do it for you then I could elaborate on some of the ascents, of which there are seven. The most popular ascent happens to have the same decent, so it tends to be a very busy and congested hike that people do when they know that want to hike Kilimanjaro but don’t have a lot of time. That particular route is called The Rongai and although it is the fastest way to climb Kilimanjaro, it is the least scenic. The Machame route on the other hand, is the most scenic and takes the longest at around six or seven days.

3. So, if you’re not an experienced climber but you’re in good shape and feel like you can make it up and down Kilimanjaro, it’s a feasible plan. You can contact AMGA mountain guides and they can set you up with an experienced guide that can safely accompany you on your journey.

If you want to have a safe climbing expedition, make sure to hire an experienced mountain guide

climbing expeditionsLately I have been giving a lot of thought to how I can get more connected with nature. I feel that living in an urban environment my whole life and staying mostly indoors has led me to a rather boring life. I really want to end this streak of being so sedentary and missing out on the great outdoors. I think that the best way to get around this habit would be to just go ahead and get involved in some outdoor activities. In my opinion, the most adventurous thing that one could possibly do is engage in a mountain climbing expeditions. I really don’t know the first thing about mountain and rock climbing, so I’ve been asking around with friends I know who have been at this hobby for a while now. The first thing that they recommended to me was that I get started by going to an indoor rock climbing gym. The reason they gave me for starting out this was that it’s much easier to learn some basic climbing techniques when there are more safety measures in place and the climate and conditions are more forgiving. After trying out some rock climbing lessons and getting comfortable with the activity, I needed to move on to the next step and get some outdoor rock climbing lessons. Luckily I live really close to a mountainous area, so it wasn’t a long trek to find a location.

After climbing some small peaks, I knew that this was a hobby that I could see myself pursuing for a long time. It took a long time to get really comfortable with the heights that you experience in such an activity, but now that I have gotten more experience under my belt, I feel the need to conquer even bigger mountains. This is going to be a great journey for me, as it will involve a lot of travel to majestic locations and getting to meet and connect with other people who are passionate about this activity. I once again referred to my friends on how I should proceed to get involved in even grander expeditions, and they recommended that I contact AMGA guides to help me in this pursuit. The reason for this recommendation was due to the vast experience of mountaineering guides that have received AMGA certification. Apparently the road to become a certified guide is quite a long one, and requires a display of a high level of skill. Another big reason for joining a guide in an expedition is due to their high level of knowledge of the mountain routes. Not only will they know exactly where to go, but they will be able to accurately assess the weather and conditions of the path for safety purposes. Someday I hope to climb the famous Kilimanjaro and I know that this African expedition will require highly skilled mountain guides to help me experience all of the various ecological zones in the area. I really can’t wait to travel around and experience many climbing adventures.

Choosing which AlpenGlow climb to do to get me back in shape

I am gearing up for my second climb with AlpenGlow Expeditions and I am super excited. About five years ago I did the Mt. Pisco and Chopicalqui climb in Peru with AlplenGlow and it was great. A crazy work schedule has kept me from climbing as much the past few years but I am eager to get back into it full force. I recently got a job with a European company though and now I have enough holiday time to get out there and take longer vacations again. This time around I have decided to increase my levels and try something a little harder than Pisco and Chopicalqui. All of the big mountains are all reviewed online with a bunch of information over their difficulty and in which ways they are difficult. There are a lot of really good peaks in Peru that I was looking at but after a lot of consideration I have decided that this time around I wanted to go to a different country. Peru is amazing but if given the opportunity to explore something new I feel I should probably go for that option. So I started looking at different alternatives. I have heard a lot about Nepal and Tibet from other climbers so I started to poke around a bit for information about the mountains there. AlpenGlow also does a number of climbs with experienced climbing guides in both of those counties so I figured it would be best to just go with a company I know. I read all of the information on the AlpenGlow website about all of their climbs in both Nepal and Tibet; there were quite a few options: the Ama Dablam, the Lhotse Rapid Ascent, the Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent, the Makalu and of course, the Everest Rapid Ascent which there is absolutely no chance of me doing. The Ama Dablam in Nepal is 22,525 feet, (6,868 meters) and seems like it is maybe a bit too out of my difficulty range. They suggest to climb Ama Dablam you should have solid, multi-pitch climbing experience with both rock and ice. I am pretty good with rock but I think I haven’t brought up my ice skills enough for this one. The Lhotse Rapid Ascent is the fourth tallest peak in the world at 27,940 feet (8,516 meters) and shares some of its paths with Mt. Everest. Again, this might be too far past my skill level, just the mention of Everest makes me feel like it would maybe be too much. The Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent is 26,906 feet (8,201 meters) seems to be a pretty good choice. The climbing guides at AlpenGlow suggest that this climb is perfect for climbers who are wanting to tackle one of the famed fourteen 8,000 meter peaks. The routes are reasonably difficult with a few technical pieces but there isn’t too much risk of dangers common to other peaks such as rock and ice fall. Overall I really like the sound of this climb. The last option, the Makalu is on the border of the two countries and is 27,825 feet (8,481 meters) which makes it the fifth tallest mountain in the world. It is very close to Mr. Everest and the Khumbu Valley but the Makalu isn’t a popular climb because the trek into base camp is long and difficult. The climbing guides at Alpenglow went around this though by just hiring a few helicopters so now climbers can easily get into base camp and then be on their way up. This trek sounds like one of the best so far. If I go during the fall there should also be enough snow to make it safe from things like icefalls, rock fall and avalanches which is always a big hazard when climbing.

AMGA GuidesI still need to decide but I think either the Makalu or the Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent would be fantastic options. They can push me back up to building a better climbing skill level so maybe next time around I can tackle one of the more difficult climbs.